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Mini print collections are collections of limited edition, encouraging mini-prints designed to encourage the God-given hope, faith, and courage in you.

Each collection of mini prints has been prayerfully and carefully curated to bring beauty and inspiration to your life and space.

Have you ever come through a wilderness season and wondered if you would ever regain the beauty, joy, hope you had before? Coming through a barren, deserted season can weather you on many levels, causing you

to feel dry, deserted, barren, and empty of beauty, life, and hope. But whether we found ourselves in wilderness places as a result of our own wandering or if God led us there, you need to know God knows how to bring you through and He is able to turn your wilderness into an Eden.

The FROM WILDERNESS TO EDEN mini print collection includes 15 prints: 

  • two 5.5"x8" print
  • four 5"x7" prints
  • one 5"x6" print
  • two 5"x5" prints
  • three 4"x6" prints
  • one 4.25x5.5" print
  • two 4.25"x4.25" prints

This collection can be purchased in two ways:

  • as the standalone mini print collection (packaged in a flat envelope enclosure), or
  • packaged as a gift collection set that includes a 5” wooden print holder (3/4"x1.5"x5") for displaying mini-prints around your home or workspace or perfect as an encouraging and beautiful ready-made gift. 

Additional 5" wooden print holders can be purchased here.


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