Monthly Print Collection 5 | Don't shrink back

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Monthly print subscriptions are a collection of limited edition, encouraging mini-prints delivered straight to your mailbox each month, all designed to encourage the God-given hope, faith, and courage in you.

Each month, subscribers receive 9-12 mini prints that have been prayerfully and carefully curated to bring beauty and inspiration to your life and space.

This limited edition collection, "Don't Shrink Back," was mailed to subscribers in March 2018. It included 12 prints: 

  • one special edition 11x17" poster
  • two 5.5"x8" prints
  • one 5"x7" print
  • one 5"x5" print
  • two 4"x6" prints
  • two 4.25"x5.5" prints
  • one 4"x5" print
  • one 4.25"x4.25" print
  • one 4"x4" print

This print collection is available while supplies last.


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